The Bartello

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In the town of Mt. Prospect, an old movie theater named the Bartello holds every person’s fear. Chris Martin was just a boy when he witnessed the first of many gruesome murders at the Bartello. He and his friends believed they could stop the murders if they burned down the theater and killed the creatures that lived inside it. But when they set the place on fire, a figure stood amongst the flames in the middle of the ruins staring at them with blazing eyes.

The police eventually caught the murderer, and he sat in prison on death row. Until his recent escape. And now he’s after Chris.

The Bartello is open for business again, and something inside is waiting to bring back fear to this small town. Chris is afraid monsters never die. The last thing he wants is to lead his friends to danger at the Bartello and force them to face their fears. But if he and his friends don’t rid the town of the evil that lives in the theater and release their fears, the murders will never stop. © George M. Moser 2014