A quirky Elvis fan wants to be with his wife and son more than anything in the world, but he can’t because they’re dead. Just days before the fatal accident, Charlie Burns receives a mysterious package that contains a magical wand. This isn’t Harry Potter’s wand, but it’s much more powerful and it could be the answer to everything. On a journey across country to Wyoming, he tries to stay one step ahead of some very dangerous men in an attempt to save everything and bring back the love he once had.

His friends take him on a journey across country on a hunting trip to Wyoming to help ease his pain. He packs his bags and takes the very gun that he keeps for protection. He keeps hidden inside his bags the mysterious wand. When they reach Wyoming one of Charlie’s friends shoots something that can’t possibly exist. Charlie is left staring at a silver disc hovering above the ground. This one event ignites a chase for the very wand that Charlie carries. He meets up with a strawberry haired God loving waitress who he instantly despises because of his own lack of faith. She also holds a secret similar to Charlie’s and the two can possibly be the answer to God and life itself.

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